Photo Gallery
"My little man" June 2000Grayson with the Sharpshooter at the FBI. Washington, DC July 2008.Secret Service Agent Tim, Secret Agent Cougar aka Grayson with FBI Agent Nina Reyes at the FBI July 2008Grayson and Auntie Becky in DC July 2008Secret Service Agent Woody and Gray. Washington, DC July 2008.Grayson at the Beach in May 2004Grayson and his friend Monie at school, April 2008Gray, the number one PEZ Collector with Wolverine and his Collection June 2007Grayson and Santa, Christmas 2000"The King" aka Gray as Elvis with Ms. Staahl, Halloween 2007Grayson, October 2005Grayson with the Star Wars Troops to launch the Star Wars Postage StampGrayson and Mommy, November 2005Having fun!Batman rides Again, Halloween 2004Grayson and Mommy Michelle at Mother's Day Tea. May 2004.The King performs live, Halloween 2007Gray and Mommy, Cancun, May 2005Grayson at CHOC, May 2006Secret Agent Spy on a mission at CHOC, Mission Viejo, May 2006Already a Photographer, Gray December 2002Jack Sparrow, aka Gray and Ms. Gutierrez, Kindergarten Bumble Bee Teacher, Oct 2006Halloween Parade at Wagon Wheel Elementary, October 2006Ahoy Matey, Halloween 2006Learning to kick again. June 2007Grayson and Sensai Wayne, June 2007Grayson with his two guardian angels, Mo and Bella, April 2003Grayson and his Big Brother Gavin, April 2003Just came down the slide, Bahamas 2008Gray and Mommy, Bahamas July 2008Auntie Tammie's friend, aka Gray's Auntie Tracey, Gray and Auntie Tammie, Bahamas July 2008Mommy Michelle, Gray and Auntie TammieHis usual afternoon nap on the way back from the pool in the Bahamas, July 2008"Spiderman" aka Grayson, May 2004Grayson in front of the Mystery Machine, Scooby Doo is still his favoriteGrayson and Michelle at the CoachArt Champions Dinner. October 2008.Happy Valentine's Day! School Festivities, February 2009.Michelle, Gray and Francois Beauchemin. The Ducks are big supporters of CHOC and our kids causes. March 2009.Gray with Francois Beauchemin at the Ducks Game. March 2009.Resting before surgery, May 2009Gray loves playing games, this was right after his surgery in May 2009.Grayson mining for gems at the Pumpkin farm, October 2009.Kenna, Gray and Big Brother Gavin. Universal Studios October 2009.Hermeine and Harry Potter. October 2009.Michelle, Gray and Ashley with CoachArt. Anya Hindmarch Handbag Boutique and Platine Cookies hosted a fundraiser for CoachArt. November 2009.Picking Gray up from Camp Ronald McDonald. This was his first time away from Mom at Camp. August 2009.Gray feeling really sick with his Auntie Becky, Easter 2007.Michelle, Becky and Gray. Easter 2007.Gray goofing off at the Gap, May 2006.Gray and his Pop on his 6th Birthday. May 16, 2006.
Grayson Alexander Arroyo-Smiley