On May 16, 2000 our little superhero,
Grayson, was born.
I could have never imagined the road he would have ahead of him, or the way that he would inspire so many people in his life. From the time that he was born he has always been a little ray of sunshine with a sparkle in his eye, especially when he was up to something sneaky.  He has a way of engaging other people, even before he could talk, and now he is just what most would call a chatter box. He is always excited to tell people about his “Secret Agent Spy Port” and tells them to make sure they don’t bump his shunt. Everyday he wakes up with a smile on his face and asks “Mom, what are we going to do for fun today?” After having his surgeries his biggest complaint was the bad haircut “bulb spot” that his Neurosurgeon gave him. There are many times that he is in pain and I ask him what I can do to help and he says “Don’t worry Mom, I can take it”.  As long as he has his beloved “Blankie” by his side he can get through anything.
"Grayson is the bravest soul I know. Everyday I marvel at the wonder that my little boy, can continue to give all of those around him the strength and courage to get us through our journey of life."
On May 19, 2006 our little Super Hero,
Grayson, was diagnosed with a brain tumor.
Story by proud Mom, Michelle Arroyo

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